X What Do We Do?

UI / UX Design services are one of the most important matters in web design. UI / UX Design, the complement of Web Software, should always be up-to-date and be open to innovative approaches with the advancing technology epoch. With  the service we offer for these concepts, which are the abbreviation of User Exprience (UX) and User Infertace (UI), we reflect your corporate structure on the web interface and ensure that your site works in the most efficient way in a user-oriented structure.

UX Design refers to meeting expectations and user needs to create a website / mobile application or any interface. That's why we take into account a user's expectations, needs and feelings when browsing your website or mobile app.

Unlike UX Design, UI Design focuses more on the visual to capture the user's attention and encourage them to stay on the page. We pay attention your website / mobile application or other interfaces remain efficient. We enable users to visually understand what is happening, and ease navigation. We work on proprietarily prepared and unique UI Designs.

The purpose of UI / UX design is to improve the internet user's journey to make it more enjoyable and instinctive. By the courtesy of the UI / UX design, navigation is smoother and more optimal. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyse the emotional sides of the users. With our UI / UX Design Service, you will avoid problems and contribute to the improvement of your traffic.


X What is UI / UX Design?

UX design doesn't just focus on design: the priority is user experience. The main purpose of UX design is to provide a successful user experience. Often confused with UI design.

UI design is involved in all stages of the development of your website / mobile application, except research. Because even if one is complementary to the other, the two concepts are close to each other. UI design refers to the design of the user interface, i.e. design in general: colors, layout, shapes, visuals, etc.


X How Do We Work With UI / UX Design?

UX Design interferes with the flow of the user interface and the development of the application. Therefore, while preparing UX design, our team starts to work well. 

5 steps are followed:

1. Defining a Strategy:This is where we start thinking about users, what they are looking for, why they visited your site or app.

2. List od requirements:We determine their requirements and support them with an interface design suitable for the user experience. Above all, we create a definition of what the user can and cannot do in line with the requirements of the system.

3. Definition of the Structure:We prepare the plans and direct the work flow. Acccordingly, we ensure that the design is carried out in a planned way.

4. Creating the First Diagrams:In this step, we prepare the website / mobile application or any interface diagrams.

5. Creating the Visual: This step is the final stage in which the UI Designer begins work in partnership with the decisions made by the UX designer to align it with a more technological aspect.


In user interface practice, it is necessary to keep in mind certain aspects of UI and UX Design in website / mobile application designs. Therefore, UX and UI Design are interrelated concepts that should be included in the web software creation process.


As SyconX, in order to provide you with the best possible service; Our UX and UI Design Service is specially and uniquely tailored for each of our customers, in line with current design insights.


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With our UI / UX Design Service, we reflect your corporate structure on the web interface and ensure that your site works in the most efficient way in a user-oriented structure. We prepare our service in accordence with current design options, specially and uniquely for each of our customers. While the UI / UX design takes your business to the next level, it gives you the opportunity to present your brand to the end user in the best way possible.


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